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What’s “New Generation” about Garcia’s Energy Principles?

Thinking about the candidates … in NH-2

What’s “New Generation” about Garcia’s Energy Principles?

GOP candidate Marilinda Garcia says:

“My top priority is opposing any new energy taxes, such as the Cap-and-Trade tax (sic) …  I oppose the cap-and-trade energy tax.” “Second…I support policies that would increase domestic energy exploration and production, increase our refinement capacity and build more efficient energy transport systems, such as the long-overdue Keystone XL Pipeline.”

My comments:

Seems her first priority is to follow the energy policies of the old white men she feels populate the GOP.  Her second priority is reminiscent of ‘drill baby drill’.  It would be helpful to provide more detail, but perhaps Garcia should not  bring “old white men energy policies” to Washington in the first place, but instead reach into the district she wants to represent, learn about the energy innovations found there, and bring what she learns to Washington.


We need conservative and liberal solutions in this house

People running for congress need to acknowledge, or at least understand, that cap and trade is not a tax.  See for the political history:  in a cap and trade system, the government does not tell polluters how to reduce pollution, but sets a cap on emissions and creates an emissions trading market, espoused by free market conservatives.  Some people are making money in this market.

Essay Question:

Does Garcia support the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill, led by Senator Shaheen and co-sponsored by Senator Ayotte?   Why, or why not?


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