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Weather + Climate + Politics = Bombogenesis

Weather + Climate + Politics = Bombogenesis

Hampton blizzard '15

Hampton blizzard ’15 (WGME-TV)

The January blizzard prevented Governor Pataki from visiting New Hampshire this week.  One can only assume that this is the first time that “bombogenesis” and “First in the Nation Primary” are used within the same sentence. 

Bombogenesis, a meteorological bomb, occurs when a storm’s area of lowest pressure experiences a rapid drop of more than 24 milibars in 24 hours = Severe NH weather event.   First In The Nation Primary occurs every four years = Major NH political event

After this week’s  winter deluge we can expect a deluge of candidates and hopefuls beginning tomorrow through late February:   Gilmore, Sanders, Bolton, Pataki, Fiorina, Christie, Rubio.

The majority of the Senate voted last week to affirm climate change is not a hoax.   In response, do we in New Hampshire have an obligation to prepare for “science meets town hall meeting”?    After all,

Senator Marco Rubio says  (May 2014) “I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it,”

2012 GOP nominee Romney says, (January 2015) “ I’m one of those Republicans who thinks we are getting warmer and that we contribute to that.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal acknowledges (9-16-14) that human beings contribute to climate change and says the United States should work with other countries to address it.  

Rand-Paul-Ted-Cruz-Senator Rand Paul says “It gets so far out there, and it does almost get there with a religiosity that I don’t think we need to have,” he said. “If we’re going to say the Statue of Liberty is drowning, that’s alarmist.”

NY Governor George Pataki says he believes climate change is best tackled through private and market-based initiative.  Recall the market-based Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative began on his watch and at his urging.

Climate tip-toeing is not reserved to Republicans. With the exception of Senator Shaheen, many Democratic senators facing reelection skipped out on the climate debate on the senate floor last year.  And Blumenthal, who did speak on the subject,  took pains to avoid the subject during his last campaign.

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