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Interview uncovers Guinta – Innis split on climate science

WMUR News 9 Political Reporter Josh McElveen is asking presidential possibles and congressional candidates about climate change. In his June interview with Josh, Marco Rubio disavowed climate science.  Late last month Josh met with Dan Innis and Frank Guinta in separate interviews.  The links and text are below.   Frank Guinta is not disputing the wacky weather we are seeing in NH,…read more →

GOP Signals New Hampshire Primacy

The GOP Growth and Opportunity Project reports that states with “traditions”  of early nominating contests get front seat – according to a segment this month on WMUR TV .  “It remains important to have an “on ramp” of small states that hold unique primary days before the primary season turns into a multi-state process.” (p. 73) Good news for New Hampshire …. and for…read more →