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Science group and state senators team up to unveil sea level rise ads in New Hampshire

Moderators of Thursday’s Republican presidential debate didn’t ask candidates a single question on climate change.   No focus on climate at the Republican and Democratic debates last month.  If there is one energy-environment story media should cover during the NH Primary, it’s the one breaking January 18: MEDIA ADVISORY FOR MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2016 Contact: Roger Stephenson, Science Group and NH Senators to…read more →

Presidential Candidates and Incident Management: Do you need a plan?

The 2016 presidential primary cycle begins immediately after the mid-term election this November.  Expect no fewer than 10 – and as many as 16 men and women making the rounds, with formal announcements of candidacies beginning in early 2015 and campaign activities escalating with a crescendo in January through early February of 2016. Making the rounds may sound like simple retail…read more →