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Rubio: realities of a new century don’t include climate change



Thinking about the candidates … Marco Rubio (R-FL)

New Hampshire’s television political reporter Josh McElveen interviewed Marco Rubio when he was in town speaking at the Rockingham GOP dinner Friday night. 

The 3 issues on McElveen’s list: 

(1) climate change

(2) health care

(3) Benghazi   

Before buckling down on climate change Rubio paid homage to New Hampshire and explained the state of the party:   Rubio says its important to have NH on the front end “because of the kind of campaigning it requires”.   As for the GOP, Rubio feels the Party can play a role in readjusting America:  “ Many of our institutions … have not been readjusted for the realities of a new century … “

Comment: Ironic; his home-town newspaper opined Rubio’s comments on climate ignore reality

When asked about climate change Rubio replied, “Interestingly enough climate is always changing … one way or the other … “  But  “the fundamental question for policy makers is, are there laws and police we can pass that would actually influence that, and what impact would that have on our jobs our economy and our lives?.”

Comment: Rubio seems to want to govern (legislators are supposed to wrestle with fundamental questions) – but here’s the kicker:

“You can’t change the weather by law.” 

Rubio continues: “We’ve always had dramatic instances of weather patterns throughout human history. These people are looking at a very limited period of time in the history of the world and making these conclusions”

Comment:  I cannot say it any better than Chan Lowe at the South Florida Sun Sentinel –  Lowe’s quality essay accompanies his cartoon















Rubio continues:  “ I think it is legitimate to focus on mitigation to improve our abilities to handle massive rain storms, flooding etc.  But beyond it I think advances in technology efficiency [read: natural gas and oil]  will ultimately lead us to a moment when we’ll have less greenhouse gas emissions without destroying our economy.”

Comment: interesting and significant; according to Sen Rubio the science is settled … on adaptation anyway. “Improving our abilities to handle massive rain storms” sounds sort of like Senator Potholeand this will appeal to many people (NY’s Republican Senator D’Amato earned this nickname for getting things done locally – and no Republican has represented NY in the Senate since he left in 1999). 

 And Rubio promises reduced emissions in the future with no government oversight …  lead by whom – the free market?    As an economist friend suggested, these people have no clue about classical economics. 


“So you’re not convinced of the science yet? “


“Not only that, I’m not convinced that the science should be applied to our public policy in a way they are arguing that it should.     “ … advances in energy technologies  leave us on the precipice  of another American century of  a true economic  renaissance  and these guys want to throw that all away.”

Comment: We’re on the precipice all right, but not the edge Rubio contemplates.

Will Rubio run for his Senate seat or for the Republican nomination in 2016?  Hobson’s choice?  

In the meantime, watch for Rubio’s  PAC Reclaim America to support Scott Brown for Senate.




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