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Interview uncovers Guinta – Innis split on climate science

WMUR News 9 Political Reporter Josh McElveen is asking presidential possibles and congressional candidates about climate change.

In his June interview with Josh, Marco Rubio disavowed climate science.  Late last month Josh met with Dan Innis and Frank Guinta in separate interviews.  The links and text are below.   Frank Guinta is not disputing the wacky weather we are seeing in NH, yet is convinced climate science is partisan.   Innis acknowledges the science of climate change.  I spoke with Innis at the Romney endorsement event for Scott Brown at the Scamman Farm – there he heard Romney  say that global warming is real and people are playing a role.  (Note – Romney’s refrain from 2012 is repeated in 2014 – ‘they don’t call it America warming, they call it global warming’ – can we agree this is at least a beginning for some conservative discussion on policy solutions?)

7-27-14 WMUR Close Up interview with  Frank Guinta 


Go to 8:45 minutes into the interview with Frank Guinta here

McElveen: Should climate change be an issue in the campaign?

Guinta:  I think people determine the issues most important to them and they want to talk about the economy, jobs and health care.  That said the issue of global warming or climate change continues to come up; the bottom line is that the science has not been solidified.   Lets see some more scientific …

… McElveen: What would it take to solidify the science here?

Guinta: Well I think you gotta have well first of all the fact that a liberal democrat says the science is solidified doesn’t make it true.

McElveen:  Is a paper from 800 scientists good enough?

Guinta: You gotta be honest about where some of these papers are coming from and the political positions that they have and the intent of this.  You want to have apolitical science on these things and that’s not exactly easy to obtain…. You know when you walk outside is there a change in the weather?  Absolutely. We see it every day.  What are the contributing factors to that I think is still under discussion.  We can have that discussion but lets do it in a reasonable rationale approach.


7-27-14 WMUR Close Up interview with Dan Innis  

Go to 6:27 minutes into the interview with Dan Innis here

McElveen: The issue of climate change.  Do you believe that is something people should be talking about?

Innis: Well people are talking about it and its something on the minds of a lot of people. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here – climate change is a very complex issue.  We know the climate is changing – it always has.   The key questions is what are the primary drivers and what impact can we have on those?   If it is CO2 then we need to take some action there. There are other factors involved and we need to try to understand those.  The bottom line is sustainability is a good thing and the more we can do in our lives to be more sustainable to use less energy to protect our environment the better off we ll all be regardless of the drivers of climate change.

McElveen: Sure. And for a lot of Republicans that is the answer and let’s be honest  to a degree that is the easy answer.  Because there still is some debate.  Some people look at the reports that come out  … collection of scientists 800 get together and agree man is contributing at the very least,   yet some people that refuse to accept that.  Where are you?

Innis:  I think we probably  have some impact. The question’s how significant and what steps can we take to reduce that impact.   … China contributing far more than we are …. Has to be a global effort if we are to do it and do it right ….  Can’t simply be the United States if CO2 is the primary driver.


Final thought: For the Guinta – Innis debate September 2,  lets raise ….. a ‘Guinnis’……


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