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What’s “New Generation” about Garcia’s Energy Principles?

Thinking about the candidates … in NH-2 What’s “New Generation” about Garcia’s Energy Principles? GOP candidate Marilinda Garcia says: “My top priority is opposing any new energy taxes, such as the Cap-and-Trade tax (sic) …  I oppose the cap-and-trade energy tax.” “Second…I support policies that would increase domestic energy exploration and production, increase our refinement capacity and build more efficient…read more →

What do 28 US Senators from 20 States Have in Common?

A view of Senate climate all-nighter Here’s my op-ed published in the Portsmouth Herald after my DC trip last week: I happened to be in Washington for meetings on the day of the Senate Democrats’ all-night climate caucus Tuesday, and sat in the gallery to attend the proceedings. My observation is that the men and women in the most exclusive…read more →

All hail speechwriters and advance teams

The truth is, I cannot bear complicated public policy.  Nor can most people, which is an important reason why many information campaigns run aground – because the policy wonks are steering the ship!  Three ring binders don’t matter a whit to the large populations who admit they have little or no interest in public issues.  And if they don’t care,…read more →