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Plaistow and Paris: the climate links between local & national governments

What do Colebrook and Campton New Hampshire have to do with Cameroon? How is Alton connected to Australia, Plainfield to Poland; Newton to Norway, or Stratham to Spain? Ten years ago at Town Meeting, citizens in 165 New Hampshire towns passed the NH Climate Change Resolution, and last year 197 countries signed on to the Paris climate agreement. Local New Hampshire…read more →

What’s “New Generation” about Garcia’s Energy Principles?

Thinking about the candidates … in NH-2 What’s “New Generation” about Garcia’s Energy Principles? GOP candidate Marilinda Garcia says: “My top priority is opposing any new energy taxes, such as the Cap-and-Trade tax (sic) …  I oppose the cap-and-trade energy tax.” “Second…I support policies that would increase domestic energy exploration and production, increase our refinement capacity and build more efficient…read more →