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5 Reasons Why Your Campaign Can Fail

Happy Earth Day. Aldo Leopold, father of wildlife management and of our American wilderness system – conservationist, forester, and educator – was convinced early in his career that “if the public were told how much harm ensues from un-wise land use, it would mend its ways”. Years later Leopold understood he was wrong because he had assumed (1) people were listening…read more →

Mayor Menino and the Future of Climate Action

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will not run for re-election; where will this leave climate action in Beantown? Clean Air-Cool Planet’s local climate initiatives report (2012) includes a brief snapshot of nine community-based climate and energy initiatives. Some of the highest-profile efforts enjoying the most momentum are indeed headed by elected leaders and staffed by municipal governments (e.g., Boston, New York,…read more →

GOP Signals New Hampshire Primacy

The GOP Growth and Opportunity Project reports that states with “traditions”  of early nominating contests get front seat – according to a segment this month on WMUR TV .  “It remains important to have an “on ramp” of small states that hold unique primary days before the primary season turns into a multi-state process.” (p. 73) Good news for New Hampshire …. and for…read more →

All hail speechwriters and advance teams

The truth is, I cannot bear complicated public policy.  Nor can most people, which is an important reason why many information campaigns run aground – because the policy wonks are steering the ship!  Three ring binders don’t matter a whit to the large populations who admit they have little or no interest in public issues.  And if they don’t care,…read more →

Climate Change, PR and Politics

Three worlds I live in – climate change communications, public relations, and New Hampshire politics -fused last week when I was given a copy of the textbook, Public Relations Practices.  Stacey Smith gave me a copy because six years before I had managed a complex campaign on climate change and public opinion that led, ultimately, to one of the case…read more →

Welcome to my “Field of View”

I hope this blog will prove useful to my public relations clients and others interested in successful campaigns.  Tip: Readers can plan on reading my posts in less than two minutes. I’ll attempt to assemble and provide thoughtful commentary on issues of the day, and apply what I know and what I’ve learned in the areas of public affairs, nonprofit…read more →